Weaving One Billion Stars

We're on a mission to weave one billion stars by 2032 for violence free communities.

One Billion Stars

Download our One Billion Stars story as a PDF to share.

We’ve created a PDF of the One Billion Stars story that you can download and share.

You can also click on the image and download away.

One question I get asked a lot is if I can share some information with them about the project that they can pass on to others.

While I tend to point people to the website to read all the details, I can appreciate that not everyone has the time to scroll through pages of information.

So, here it is. 

I’ve shared this with a few organisations and individuals who are actively weaving stars with their communities or who are spreading the word so that more people can get involved.

There is a lot of pride and love in these images, of people completing their very first star or experienced star weavers teaching others. 

Photos of star installations and star weavers in their element will always bring me joy, so if you’re new to One Billion Stars, why not give it a go and weave a star today. 

All you need to do is gather your materials. Check out another one of our instructions that you can download, print out and use. Or you can watch our recently updated star weaving video that will help you get started.

Gather your own weaving materials or buy our guide on how to make your own star weaving kit of 100 stars.

Don’t forget to take some pictures of your star weaving and share them with us along with a story of yourself and your stars.

Happy Star Weaving!