Weaving One Billion Stars

We're on a mission to weave one billion stars by 2032 for violence free communities.

One Billion Stars

Make a Star Weaving Kit

Original price was: $49.00.Current price is: $27.00.

Download and learn how to make a star weaving kit. Includes exact measurements for star weaving, tips on setting up your space to cut ribbon plus MORE bonuses.

Learn exactly how we made our star weaving kits, to help kick start our local community star weaving workshops.

This download is a guide that includes:

  • Exact measurements for star weaving strands
  • Tips on how to set up your ribbon cutting station
  • Star weaving instructions to print and share
  • A message from me as the Founder of One Billion Stars
  • BONUS: Star Weaver Calendar of social justice events to help plan your star weaving workshops & Instructions on how to make a lei using star weaving offcuts.

We love seeing photos of your completed stars! Please tag us on our social media @weave_onebillionstars #onebillionstars #endviolencetogether

Happy Weaving!