Weaving One Billion Stars

We're on a mission to weave one billion stars by 2032 for violence free communities.

One Billion Stars

Let's inspire your community to work together to end violence.

More connection

This is more than a craft project. We are seeing star weavers transform their own lives and become more connected, engaged, courageous and committed to doing their part to create happier, violence free communities.

More joy

Star weaving is an Indigenous and Pacific Island craft activity that supports mindfullness & encourages new conversations. We feel more joy and hope when we share the responsibility of creating safe spaces for everyone.

Less overwhelm

We love that star weaving can assist individual and collective mental health and is a gentle way to approach difficult and complex conversations about safety, respect and belonging. Simple and effective is our goal.

Start Weaving

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Our star weaving kits includes materials, paper instructions plus a link to our tutorial video.
Free postage in Australia.

Star Weaving Comunity


Learn what a Star Weave Community is and register today. We have a checklist as a guide to help you get started.

One Billion Stars Resources


We’re creating some resources to make it easy for you to become part of the One Billion Stars global weaving community.

It doesn't have to feel impossible.

  • Are you convinced that there’s more goodness in the world than there is hate and violence? 
  • Do you want to see your community’s spirit and resilience shine and be the dominant story in your local news and social media?
  • Have you experienced powerful art and community making projects that brings people together and you want to find a way to replicate that in your community?
  • Are you wondering how you can encourage and sustain conversations about joy, connection, mental health, inclusion and safety for everyone in your community and not get overwhelmed?


Don’t just take our word. Read and listen to the stories of current star weavers across the world who are on their way to creating their own one million star installations.

Step by step guides

A step by step method that actually works – complete with frameworks,
templates, checklists, and more to keep you on track.


A special blend of 1:1 attention, small group coaching, and an inclusive
community of star weavers ready to share their journey with you.

You are not alone. This is EVERYONE'S responsibility.

Star weaving is good for our mental health

Our friends in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane running a lunch time star weaving workshop amongst their office display of 2,000 stars.

Siobhan McQuillan

Ireland Project Leader, Siobhán McQuillan says “Before and during COVID19 I have been raising awareness of domestic violence and introducing the stars to Ireland by creating star weaving communities with vulnerable members of the community. You are not alone.”

Register to become a Star Weave Community

Austin Texas Project leader, Melissa Knight has been sharing star weaving with the communities she loves and raising awareness about the project.

Begin your star weaving journey TODAY. With confidence.

  1. Read our About Page to learn about why we are so passionate about this problem of violence, how we’ve chosen the arts do something about it and get involved today.
  2. Buy a Star Weaving Kit. Let us help you get started with our star weaving kits that has everything you need to learn how to weave your first stars. Comes with materials, instructions and a welcome card. Our kits come in 100, 500 or 1,000 stars.
  3. Email us and tell us who you are and where you are weaving your stars so that we can add you to our star weaving community map. If you have any other questions, let us know. We’re here to help you.

How it all started.

I was devastated.

It broke my heart to see my community so sad, angry and confused over the rape and murder of a young woman in our beloved community of Brunswick, Melbourne.

I knew that there was more that we could do to stop this from happening again. But it would take some time, more conversations, more trust and work to teach new ways of seeing each other.

I knew I couldn’t do it on my own so I turned to something that has given me space to heal and find my community of creative and compassionate people – weaving. Traditional Pacific Island weaving.

I wanted to share it with the world, and I’m so glad I had the courage to do it.

We created an installation of one million hand woven stars from over 15 countries for the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, our new goal is to weave one billion stars by 2032.

The purpose of weaving stars is to continue nurturing global conversations of how to end violence using the joy and healing power of the arts and traditional crafts.

Each woven star is a beautiful symbol of light, courage and solidarity to end all forms of violence, including violence against woven, bullying and racism.

We can’t wait to hear your star weaving story, so join us as we transform our communities into resilient, hopeful and joy filled action takers, one star at a time.

The Big Design Market installation. 12,000 stars. Photo: Nik Harrison.

One Million Stars installation in King George Square.
Photo: Lauren Panrucker.

World Star Weaving Day
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3 Benefits of Star Weaving

Participating in the arts can boost mental wellbeing.
We love that star weaving can help us to participate in conversations of peace and ending violence, while boosting individual and collective mental health. Doing things that bring us pleasure and joy, like making art, can help us to tell stories about who we are and the things that matter most to us. Visit our resources section and read our article on 'Why star weaving is good for our mental health."

Star weaving brings people together.
We have active and passionate Star Weaving Communities across Australia, Ireland and the USA who are using this gentle traditional craft to bring diverse communities together. Ireland Project Leader, Siobhán McQuillan, says: “Before and during COVID19 I have been raising awareness of domestic violence and introducing the stars to Ireland by creating star weaving communities with vulnerable members of the community. You are not alone."

Star weaving can help educate and raise awareness.
One Billion Stars invites people around the world to weave stars as symbols of light, solidarity, and courage to end all forms of violence together. Star weaving is a gentle way to start difficult and uncomfortable conversations by focussing on building safe spaces for respectful relationships. One star at a time.

Quandamooka Country

Cleveland. Brisbane. Australia. One Billion Stars acknowledges the traditional and continuing custodians of the lands and waters where we live, work and weave.

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