Our Co Founders & Chiefs

One Billion Stars Co Founders, Mark Yettica-Paulson and
Maryann Talia Pau. Quandamooka country.
Queensland. Australia. Photo: House of Iliganoa.
One Billion Stars was created by Co Founders, Maryann Talia Pau and Mark Yettica-Paulson and supported through the Poplabs Incubator community.

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Maryann is a Samoan-Australian weaving artist and founder of One Million Stars to End Violence project. Mark is a specialist in Indigenous Leadership, public speaking and cross cultural collaboration and is the Practice Lead for Deep Collaboration. They bring decades of experience working in the arts, leadership , facilitation and intercultural dialogue.

“Weaving is an ancient craft that you can enjoy on your own or in the company of others but it’s also a powerful metaphor for understanding the connection between humanity, creation and life energy.”

Maryann and Mark are also the Chiefs of Super Native Unlimited, a place for Indigenous Frameworks and merchandise.

“We believe that First Nations wisdom can liberate all of us. Our mission is to practice visionary leadership, self-awareness and collaboration to generate cultures. We specialise in leadership development, intercultural facilitation and creative movements for change.” – Super Native Unlimited.