Why was One Billion Stars created?

One Billion Stars was launched on MLK Day 2021 to build on the impact and growing star weaving movement initiated by the One Million Stars to End Violence project (2012) by weaving artist & founder, Maryann Talia Pau. We are excited to focus on:

  • Developing a credited workshop package with a star weaving element for companies, organisations and schools.
  • Designing star weaving kits using sustainable materials.
  • Partnering with organisations, businesses and companies to build Star Weaving Communities and installations of stars around the world.
  • Shining a light on communities and businesses who are making a positive impact and implementing changes in their workplace to ensure safety, wellbeing, health and dignity of everyone.

Are there any planned installations for One Billion Stars in 2021?

With our current climate and physical restrictions, there are no One Billion Stars installations confirmed for 2021. We understand this is an exciting and rewarding part of the star weaving movement and we will communicate any installation opportunities here on our website and on our social media.

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How can we follow the work of One Billion Stars?

We’ve set up an instagram page @weaveonebillions and a facebook page @weaveonebillionstars where you can follow our latest posts. We’ve also got an articles section of posts by One Billion Stars.

We love seeing images and videos from star weavers, make sure to tag us #weaveonebillionstars @weaveonemillionstars so we can celebrate and share!

One Million Stars to End Violence will remain as a holding page to update communities about One Billion Stars.

Will One Billion Stars be running weaving workshops for people to participate in?

Yes. Most of the star weaving workshops (Star Weave Jams as we like to call them), will be run online. Stay up to date here on the website.

How is star weaving ending violence?

Star weaving is a therapeutic, joyful and creative practice which allows us to come together, to be in conversation and learn something new.

Our hope is that if we all practise kindness in our personal relationships, our workplaces and neighbourhoods we can create a more inclusive and safe world and in turn end violence.  

Many groups and communities have woven stars to support different social causes that are of importance to them. Others have used star weaving as a craft activity or a mindfulness practice that has no social agenda.

​We understand this project has had a powerful impact for some people. If anyone feels the need for emotional support, please speak with someone you trust or seek professional advice. For emergencies in Australia, please call 000.

Why are projects like One Million Stars important in our communities?

Star weavers have reported many positive benefits from participating in the project including meeting new people, learning a new skill, getting more involved within the community and reducing isolation through an increased sense of belonging. Other benefits include increased calm and relaxation, learning about Pacific Island and Indigenous crafts and cultures, strengthening identity and building awareness of local resources for people impacted by domestic violence, suicide and racism.

Can we send stars to One Billion Stars?

No, not at the moment. If anything changes, we will post updates on our OBS website and social media.

What can we do with our stars?

Many communities want to create small star installations in their work places, schools, and community spaces. Your stars can be used to create installations at local pre-schools, health care centres and hospitals and cafes just to name a few.

If you would like to host and be a venue for a large star installation of 10,000 plus stars, please contact us to discuss further.

Are there any other workshops or training that One Billion Stars can offer?

We are in conversation with some amazing training providers who look at teaching skills to help people address bullying, racism and domestic violence in their daily contexts. We are inspired by the work of MATE Bystander Program, The CEO Challenge, RIZEUP and so many more.

Stay up to date by sending us an email with your details and we’ll keep you posted.